National Park / Federal Recreational Lands Passes

Post date: Feb 25, 2017 5:36:09 PM

Wanted to share this info: You can obtain an annual pass which allows access to and use of BLM, Fish Wildlife, National Park Service, Reclamation, USDA Forest Service sites that charge entrance or standard amenity fees (day use). This pass costs $80 and can be obtained at most staffed BLM, FWS, NPS and Forest Service offices. The pass is valid for 12 months and admits 2 people who have signed the pass.

Senior citizens 62 years or older can obtain a lifetime pass for $10 for citizens or permanent residents of the US. One person can sign the pass and use it. It allows access to the same sites as above. They both admit the pass owner and any accompanying passengers in a private vehicle. For areas that charge a per person fee, the pass admits the pass holder and three additional adults (16 and older).

There is also an access pass for citizens or permanent residents who have a permanent disability regardless of age. These are free.

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