Our purpose is to provide a forum for people with Parkinson’s Disease and their families, friends, and care partners to share information and experience in a supportive environment.


April Meeting

Our April meeting will begin at 10:00am on Monday, April 15 at First Christian Church, 2701 South Russell Street in the “Fellowship Room".  Enter via the front (east) entrance, facing Russell Street.

Malcolm has an acquaintance, Lindsey, who has had DBS and is willing to speak with our group about her experience at our April Meeting.  If time allows, we will also be talking about what passions or hobbies we are able to maintain or modify while dealing with the changes in our physical and mental health. You’re welcome to bring props or displays to showcase your interest.


At our May meeting, Chelsey Miller, APRN, specializing in Neurology will be our guest speaker. She has asked us to have a list of specific questions to her asap so she can be prepared.  So, if there are any specific questions that you would like her to prepare for, please let us know at our April meeting or send your questions to mslapdsg@gmail.com.